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Exercise of the Week- 8.3.15

Dumbbell Step Up- Frontal and Lateral

The primary movers for this exercise are the gluteus maximus and quadriceps. If you are a beginner, use only your body weight for this exercise.


- Stand in front of a platform with feet shoulder width apart.

- Step onto platform with one leg and keep your toes pointed straight ahead.

- Push through your front heel and stand upright while bringing your opposite leg toward chest.

- Return lifted leg to the ground while bending knee slightly when landing.

- To challenge yourself, do this exercise laterally as shown in the beginning of this video.

- This video is shown using dumbbells. Holding dumbbells allows you to work your upper and lower body simultaneously while using your core for stabilization.

- If you notice your form is compromised ( knees turns inward), do not use the dumbbells and decrease the height of the platform.

Challenge yourself and try 3 sets of 10 on each leg.


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