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Exercise of the Week- 2.1.16

Are you tired of doing the same old plank day after day? If so, try challenging your body and doing something new. Make the exercise harder by decreasing your stability and engaging additional muscles to keep you stable. This exercise gives your shoulders, core, and legs more of a challenge than your traditional plank. The act of balancing on the bosu ball engages your obliques, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Once you have mastered the plank, try this exercise. If using the bosu ball is too challenging, start with just using the medicine ball and place your feet on the ground.


1) Start in a plank position with both hands placed on top of the medicine ball (your shoulders should be lined up over the top of your wrists).

2) Place one foot on top of the bosu ball and balance. Then bring the other foot up on top of the bosu ball until you are stable.

3) Once you are stable and in the plank position, begin to rock forward with your shoulders leaning over the medicine ball.

4) Slowly rock back through your starting plank position until your shoulders are now slightly behind the medicine ball.

5) Try 3 sets of 10 rocks ( 1 rep= 1 rock forward and 1 rock backward)


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