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Exercise of the Week- 1.25.16

What does Fartlek mean? It means "speed play" in Swedish. Have you ever gone for a run or run a race where you wanted to switch gears and go a little faster but you couldn't? Let's face it, we have all been there. That is where this type of training comes into play. Fartlek workouts allow your body to switch gears, work different muscles, and test your ability to jump out of your comfort zone. When training for a race, it is important to work on your turnover speed and keep your workouts interesting. Going for the same run over and over again can become boring and in turn make you not enjoy running as much as you once used to. Challenge yourself and try some speed intervals and see how your body feels. Below are 2 examples of different fartlek workouts:

My favorite ( One that my coach in college, Charles Torpey, had us do many times)

"30, 60, 90's"- This means you push yourself for 30 seconds, jog (recover) for 30 seconds, push for 60 seconds, jog (recover) for 60 seconds, push for 90 seconds, jog (recover) for 90 seconds. You could do this for 1 set, 1 mile, 6 miles, etc.

"1 minute pick ups"- Pick up your pace for 1 minute straight. For example, if you're running for 50-60 minutes, every 6 minutes or so, pick up your pace for 1 minute and then go back to your normal running pace.


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